Hello Star, 

Welcome to the L/R Diaries.

I’m super excited to have this platform with all of you! I just wanted to take this opportunity to share more information on what this part of the website is, how to use it, etc. : 

As I was creating L/R, I knew I didn't just want to make it all about the clothes. I wanted to build a community. A support system. Something you feel connected to all while previewing it as a brand of substance. I instantly thought of creating a blog where not only would I be posting and sharing my thoughts, but where you can too.

How this will work is— once you create an account with L/R, you’ll automatically be able to write comments sharing your feedback, suggestions or even if you’d just like to chat! From your messages, I’ll publicly post those that I feel would really impact/help others positively, or maybe one that would stir up a healthy discussion. There have been so many occasions where I wanted to speak up or shed light on a certain topic but never got the chance to. I know many of you feel this way too so I’m hoping this can be our chance. Btw, you can choose to remain anon when writing comments & I know a lot would prefer this.

Adding a ‘blog’ portion to the website was crucial because I wanted to be able to interact with L/R’s stars, get to know you all & hopefully even become friends! I would love to hear about what you like to wear, who you are, share stories & talk about topics that matter. From real hard hitting stories to your favourite songs, tips & tricks...I would love to hear it all. I hope that this blog becomes a comfortable platform that serves as an uplifting safe space.

What do you guys think of this? I would really love to hear your thoughts so be sure to write your comments down below.

Talk soon & stay golden.

xx, Manisha 


P.S : Because this page is so special, the first comment on this post will get 7% off their first order!

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