Hello, Star

Nice to meet you!
(Pronounced ‘L and R’)
L/R is an ethical, slow-fashion brand based in Kuala Lumpur. We create a mix of women’s & unisex pieces through the release of singular drops or small collections. These releases capture a curated vibe for you to enjoy throughout the year. With ethical production being one of our main focuses, we aim to create pieces that are responsibly made in smaller quantities. Each one of our pieces are made inspired by a story that determines its name, design, fabric, every stitch & detail. When you wear L/R, you are manifesting your own energy & reimagining its story. 



The Logo

The L, channels masculine energy whereas the R embodies divine feminine energy. Both of which are traits we feel everyone holds. Our pieces are strongly influenced by femininity while also highlighting masculine touches. This allows L/R to freely explore different designs & experiment with different aesthetics through each release.



Our pieces are ethically made and we try using sustainable materials as often as we can. In efforts to reduce plastic consumption, all our labels as well as packaging are biodegradable and/or made out of recycled materials. The production of our clothing is carefully monitored, making sure that our workers are paid & treated fairly.

We are aware of the importance of ethical practises. In the grand scheme of things— we aim to only use sustainable fabrics, utilise dead stock fabric, re-use extra materials to turn into bags, pouches, scrunchies & other useful things for you to enjoy.

While producing clothing will never be sustainable, we hope to pursue our love for fashion & clothing while still caring for the planet. We are always learning & searching for new ways to meet our ethical goals without compromising quality & the satisfaction of you, our Muses.



With diversity & representation playing a huge role in why we do what we do, we want to be able to carry a wider size range in the near future. Being a small business, we currently do not have the capabilities to go above 5 sizes. With that being said, we aim to expand our size range to sizes XXS-XXL.

We believe that diversity plays such a crucial role in allowing us to accept ourselves & others. Diversity of all forms should be celebrated whether that be race, culture, size, sexuality or gender. We hope our representation makes you feel celebrated as an individual & empowered in your own skin. Everyone should have the right to freely express who they truly are & we’re committed to achieving this by being as inclusive as possible.



L/R aims to create beautiful pieces ranging from basics to more experimental styles that alow you to feel like your best self. We want to help overcome the struggle of loving a piece but not purchasing it due to the lack of quality, sizing, transparency or ethicality. We hope every purchase with us feels like a mindful decision, knowing the pieces were meticulously thought out from sketch to skin. 



Founded by Manisha Rose, L/R was an idea that blossomed over a conversation with a friend right in her own bedroom in December of 2018. Fashion has always been an integral part of Manisha’s life. She discovered at an early age that she wanted to be part of the fashion industry, having a passion for both designing & modelling.

It took over 2 years to piece together L/R. Going into designing with no formal training or experience, she was committed to learning & gaining as much knowledge as possible. This pushed her into the direction of ethical fashion. After exposing herself to the fashion industry (more specifically fast-fashion) & its lack of ethicality, she made it a priority to create a brand that was as responsible as possible with the resources she had.

Captivated by feminine-infuenced clothing in menswear & masculine-influenced clothing in women’s fashion greatly inspired her to blending these two worlds together. She disagrees on the ideology that clothes have a rule on who should & shouldn't wear them, believing that clothes are simply just. Manisha, who came from a diverse background also felt a strong importance in striving for inclusivity as part of L/R’s brand representation.

L/R was finally ready to be made part of your wardrobes in 2021. She is committed to continuously improving L/R while still maintaining its core values. 


Thank you for all the love & support, we appreciate you! xx